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Wall mural moon phases
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This mural shows us the different phases of the Moon so that we can have this important satellite for our culture a little closer and we can enjoy it every night. Choose the decorative mural that you like the most, among a wide variety of planet wall murals.

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Black and White
Self Adhesive Vinyl

Very resistant adhesive vinyl with a smooth and satin-like finish. They can be placed on all types of smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, appliances, glass, partitions, plasterboard, etc. Manufactured to be easy to install and remove without residue.


Canvas paper

A NON-ADHESIVE material with a matte and textured finish, ideal for those murals made from images of paintings, abstract photos or paintings. It is not advisable to use this material in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be cleaned with a soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap.


Translucent adhesive

It is the ideal vinyl to decorate or mark glass surfaces. It is widely used in commercial premises, on partition walls, in indiscreet windows in bathrooms, kitchens, glazed terraces, shop windows, etc. It allows light to pass through but prevents the vision of what is behind.



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The Moon is the only natural satellite of our planet. Despite the fact that from Earth it is one of the brightest objects that we can see in the sky, its brightness is really a reflection of sunlight. Its presence in the night sky and its characteristic cycle has made it an important cultural influence in language, mythology or art. The lunar cycle lasts approximately 29 days and depends on the illuminated part of its area that we can see from Earth. Its phases range from the new moon, in which it is difficult to see, to the full moon, in which the lunar disk is fully illuminated by the sun. Our planet is also subject to its influence, an example of which is the tides strongly related to the moon and its different phases. When there is a full or new moon, the tides are stronger, however, the tides are softer when the moon is in quarter phases.

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