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Wall mural decorative marine background
  • Wall mural decorative marine background
  • Wall mural decorative marine background
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This decorative mural of the seabed is totally personalized. You can crop a part of the photo or all of it. All nature wall murals have a maximum size! If you get a "measurement error" message, it is because it cannot be done with that measurement.

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Black and White
Self Adhesive Vinyl

Very resistant adhesive vinyl with a smooth and satin-like finish. They can be placed on all types of smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, appliances, glass, partitions, plasterboard, etc. Manufactured to be easy to install and remove without residue.


Canvas paper

A NON-ADHESIVE material with a matte and textured finish, ideal for those murals made from images of paintings, abstract photos or paintings. It is not advisable to use this material in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be cleaned with a soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap.


Translucent adhesive

It is the ideal vinyl to decorate or mark glass surfaces. It is widely used in commercial premises, on partition walls, in indiscreet windows in bathrooms, kitchens, glazed terraces, shop windows, etc. It allows light to pass through but prevents the vision of what is behind.



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We call Ocean a large body of water, especially that which separates continents. Your water contains dissolved substances such as sodium chloride, an element that most of us have in the kitchen, better known as salt. The marine environment is stable, compared to the terrestrial one. Sunlight only penetrates to approximately 200 meters and deeper the darkness is absolute.

In the 1960s, the first submersibles were used to explore the mysteries and peculiarities of the seabed. It was then discovered that we could find large plains, mountain ranges, and large hills just as we do on dry land. In the same way, their ecosystems are related although scientists still do not know for sure how they do it. However, they do know that the vast majority of animals are located around geological structures such as the ones we have mentioned above and biogenic structures, that is, created by animals such as the anemone (These animals adhere to the marine substrate and sometimes to other animals such as crustaceans or mollusks). These structures can take thousands of years to create, and bottom trawling can destroy them in no time. Numerous studies have determined that areas subjected to this type of intensive fishing may lose their biodiversity.

When you buy the seabed photomural, you will receive an instruction manual and videos together with your order, explaining in detail how to apply a photomural to a wall.

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