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Wall mural decorative shark
  • Wall mural decorative shark
  • Wall mural decorative shark
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Black and White
Self Adhesive Vinyl

Very resistant adhesive vinyl with a smooth and satin-like finish. They can be placed on all types of smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, appliances, glass, partitions, plasterboard, etc. Manufactured to be easy to install and remove without residue.


Canvas paper

A NON-ADHESIVE material with a matte and textured finish, ideal for those murals made from images of paintings, abstract photos or paintings. It is not advisable to use this material in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be cleaned with a soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap.


Translucent adhesive

It is the ideal vinyl to decorate or mark glass surfaces. It is widely used in commercial premises, on partition walls, in indiscreet windows in bathrooms, kitchens, glazed terraces, shop windows, etc. It allows light to pass through but prevents the vision of what is behind.



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Enjoying the sea is usually a playful activity full of games, aguadillas and fun moments that we often share with our family and friends. However, this activity can become something dangerous and the nightmare of many people if we think of a certain movie with a protagonist with numerous rows of serrated teeth who lives underwater and has a characteristic fin on his back, do you know what animal speak? Quiet! Do not panic! Fortunately, these animals rarely come close to the Spanish coasts.

There are more than 465 species, all of them have a cartilage skeleton that is characterized by being a more flexible and lighter material than bone. The layers that make up its skin serve as an exoskeleton and make it easier for it to move through the water. Most of these animals feed on fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. For this, their acute sense of smell is of great help to them since they are able to smell blood from kilometers away. This photomural of the seabed is perfect for the bravest to add a touch of danger to different rooms in a home or office. And you, do you dare to challenge your guests with a vinyl of this singular animal?

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