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Self Adhesive Vinyl

Very resistant adhesive vinyl with a smooth and satin-like finish. They can be placed on all types of smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, appliances, glass, partitions, plasterboard, etc. Manufactured to be easy to install and remove without residue.


Canvas paper

A NON-ADHESIVE material with a matte and textured finish, ideal for those murals made from images of paintings, abstract photos or paintings. It is not advisable to use this material in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be cleaned with a soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap.


Translucent adhesive

It is the ideal vinyl to decorate or mark glass surfaces. It is widely used in commercial premises, on partition walls, in indiscreet windows in bathrooms, kitchens, glazed terraces, shop windows, etc. It allows light to pass through but prevents the vision of what is behind.



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If there is an animal that represents grace and elegance, those are the cats, the leopard is a good representative of these characteristics. They are silent hunters that lie in wait for their prey before attacking it. Once they have caught their prey, if it is large and heavy, they climb it to the top of the trees in order to avoid theft and consume it immediately or reserve it for later. Leopards are solitary animals . Females can have cubs throughout the year. Normally these puppies have a grayish coat, but already with the specks that characterize them. The mother takes care of them until they are about a year old. During this time they play and learn to hunt so that later they can fend for themselves. Its population is mainly centered in Africa, Central Asia and China, although unfortunately it is threatened especially in regions outside of Africa. This breed of cats is found according to the Red List created by the IUCN in the EN category (acronyms that come from the English word Endangered, that is, endangered). This means that the population has decreased considerably and that its geographical distribution has undergone fluctuations.

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