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Round vinyl rugs

In our catalog of round vinyl rugs, you will find a large selection of rugs to decorate your floors. Currently, you have the option to choose between three dimensions. You can then, in a second step, personalize them with other sizes. The catalog is extensive, you will find many round PVC rugs for all tastes, to decorate all types of floors and rooms. Pieces from the youngest to the oldest.

Our Round Vinyl Mats

In this category of round vinyl rugs, you will find a large selection of round PVC rugs to decorate the floor of your home. You will find a wide variety of designs. Round decorative vinyl rugs for children, with numbers, forest animals, geometric shapes, patterns for babies, retro and vintage, modern, mandala among others. You will surprise your family and friends with a different, original floor decoration according to your personality. Inexpensive round vinyl rugs, without the need for work. They are non-slip, anti-allergenic, do not stain and are easy to maintain. Round rugs in a house give a more cosy, calm and modern air. Our rugs are made with high quality materials, so the possibility of damaging them is very reduced. Are you still looking for your round decorative PVC mat? Have you already had a look at our selection of round PVC mats? If yes, and you have not found your rug, you can contact us by email or WhatsApp with the photo of the one you want, the dimensions, and we will analyse the possibility of printing it according to your request. Buy a round vinyl rug and energize the floor of your home.

They are also found near the adult bed as a space to rest your feet without feeling the cold of the floor. It's a great place to leave your slippers before bed, and when you wake up, you can put them on without feeling like you're sliding on the floor. The advantage of round vinyl rugs is that they can be personalized according to your taste. Its shape allows it to imitate discs, planets, sports team logos or a welcome message for guests in the room.

However, for it to be 100% safe, it must be kept clean without using harsh chemicals that damage its structure. If the room in which the round vinyl carpet is to be installed does not have much space, you can order a personalized carpet indicating the exact dimensions. At the same time, it is personalized, and you receive a beautiful accessory according to your personal taste.

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