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Here you will find decorative vinyl of false windows, with images of beautiful landscapes, a realistic and original way to decorate creating depth to your spaces.

One of the most original alternatives to decorate a room is by placing false window vinyl’s that provide a truly impressive depth effect. With the adhesive windows, the realistic high-quality images give a great spaciousness and attractiveness to any space, however narrow it may be, because the alternatives are very varied. Optical illusion vinyl’s have become a trend, since the catalog of images is so extensive, that it is impossible not to fulfil the desire of any interested party. You will find everything from holes in the wall, 3D photomurals and 3D vinyl. Whether for a children's room, kitchen or living room, you will find decorative vinyl that fits with the decoration of the space you intend to decorate.

What false window vinyls will I find?

Florals, landscapes, various styles of frames, with Disney characters, with Marvel heroes, cities, landscapes and much more. False window decals offer almost unlimited options, and you can buy them all because they are so cheap.

A viewpoint towards beauty: What if you could have a window in your room that overlooked Niagara Falls? Can you! Perhaps the view of a long bridge to the beach? Can you! With the windows with landscapes in the background, you will turn that boring wall into a viewpoint towards beauty. Window with depth effect: The depth effect achieved with false window vinyl is surprising. And much more when you choose images such as the planet Earth seen from space or a huge full moon. 3D window vinyl is ideal for bringing closed spaces to life.

False window of cities: There are capitals that cast a spell on all of us. Places that we want to always have in sight. With this city window decal, it is perfectly possible to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, an aerial view of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur or a panoramic view of London. False window with characters: The little ones in the house will be very pleased to have fun vinyl images with children's windows in their rooms, such as those of the characters from the Ice Age, the Angry Birds, Princess Merida, Spider-Man, or Iron Man.

Right towards the stadium: And if you are an obsessive lover of football and Real Madrid, your option will be a vinyl with a decorative window overlooking the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu. To never forget the exciting moments that your favourite team has given you.

How to make false decorative vinyl windows?

Any smooth surface can be used to make a vinyl faux window and create an environment of dreams, entertainment, absolute surprise or adventure. False window vinyls are an optical illusion that you can place in different spaces of your home. You can decorate from a space without real windows to a small room that needs a feeling of spaciousness. Also, on that bare wall behind the sofa, next to the dining table, in the children's room or in the living room.

As they are decorative adhesive fake windows, they are very easy to install and stick. Likewise, they come with the design that best suits the space you have chosen, in horizontal or vertical format, and with a wide variety of motifs to satisfy all demands, at excellent prices.

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Opinions about Fake Window Stickers

Fake beach window sticker
By Laure P on Jan 14, 2024
0 1 2 3 4
We are very satisfied with the sticker which has very pretty colors.
False window Vaiana Disney
By Miguel M on Feb 16, 2023
0 1 2 3 4
Everything perfect. Very good quality. Coming out of the movie.